How does the Kizzow refund work?

We have two great refund programs! It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
Simply click here for all the details!

How much of a refund will I receive?

Depending on the refund program you choose, it could be either 1% of the loan amount or the remainder of the real estate commission we receive less the $4000 flat fee we keep from the commission. You’re choice!

Are there any upfront costs to use Kizzow’s services?

Absolutely not. We would never charge you anything, nor should any agent or loan company!

Can I submit an offer online?

For sure and we highly recommend it if you already did the house hunting work all on your own. This was we can give you most of the commission!

What services does Kizzow offer?

We offer both real estate services to represent you and mortgage services.  This is how we can offer you such huge refunds and give you the ease of one stop shopping while keeping the top professional level of services!

How can Kizzow offer Real Estate and Mortgage services?

It’s simple, we have both licenses and only work with the top professional licensed individuals to represent on for real estate and mortgages.

How do I get started?

Just register and start house hunting!  We recommend you also get your loan approval so you know exactly how much you qualify for so you can get the most house for your money.

What if I already found a home?

Then you already did most of the work. Go ahead and use the Kizzow Make an Offer tool on any property profile page and use our Concierge Service* and let us give you most of our commission.

When do I receive my refund?

We can either send you a check after you close or apply your refund to cover your closing costs before closing. In some cases there is more refund then closing costs. In that case our real estate division will send you a check for the balance after close. Some lenders restrict refunds and the amount of refunds so in those cases we will send you the check after we close.

Can Kizzow help me get approved for buying a home?

We love to get all of our clients approved immediately so you can have the best buying experience and success buying a home in this very competitive housing market.

If I use Kizzow’s services and do not buy a home, will I be charged?

Absolutely not.  We would never charge you anything, nor should any agent or loan company!  If you decide not to buy then we will be here and ready when you are!