Kizzow Gives You

The Biggest Refund

In Real Estate

Since Kizzow is both
a real estate company and mortgage company
we offer you the biggest refund In real estate


Your Home


Your Mortgage is the future of home buying!

We are willing to take smaller commissions (we are not greedy).

Because of this Kizzow is able to offer a generous refund for home buyers (a 50% refund of the real estate agent’s commission for people who use a Kizzow real estate agent and a Kizzow mortgage agent during the transaction of buying a home).’s parent company, Cal Mutual has 10 offices throughout Southern California and is headquartered in Anaheim in the shadow of Angel Stadium.

Although Cal Mutual and has 10 offices, almost 100% of the business is completed online and in the field with our clients. We come to you. The entire process is so easy for the home buyer that there is rarely a need for them to go anywhere beyond their computer throughout the entire home buying process.


Are you an agent or loan officer looking to further your career with Kizzow?